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Studies and research has been conducted into the benefits of signing with your baby. Joseph Garcia who learnt American Sign Language and then taught his sons "decided to research early childhood language acquisition and the part sign language could play in the process, and chose this topic for his graduate thesis in 1986."(Sign2Me®/Northlight Communications, Inc 2007)

Linda Acreddolo and Susan Goodwyn also conducted extensive studies over a period of 20 years.       

'The WISC-III was administered to subjects from our NIH-sponsored longitudinal study during the summer following completion of second grade. Much to our surprise and delight, the results indicated a significant 12 point advantage for the children who had been encouraged to use the Baby Signs® Program during their second year of life (Mean IQ = 114) over the children who had been in the Non-Intervention Control Group (Mean IQ= 102). The advantage held for both the Verbal and Performance Sub-scales of the WISC-III. '

(Acredolo, L. P., & Goodwyn, S.W. (July 2000). The long-term impact of symbolic gesturing during infancy on IQ at age 8. Paper presented at the meetings of the International Society for Infant Studies, Brighton, UK.)  (www.babysigns.com 2007)

Findings from various studies & research include

Babies have -

Earlier communication abilities

Increased IQ

Earlier speech development

Enhanced self esteem

Reduced frustration                  

Scenario 1                           

You and your 9 month old baby are visiting a friend.  Your baby starts to grizzle, you think “oh she is hungry” and get her some food.  She nibbles it but keeps grizzling.  You think “oh nappy change time” but no, - nappy is dry.  Baby is now crying you start to worry  "Is she sick"  No, no temperature.  “Is she tired?” No.  Bub is screaming now and pointing.  But what at?  your bag, a chair, a wall, you're frustrated. What is wrong?  What does she want? You offer toys, biscuits, etc all is refused.  You are now crying yourself .

 Scenario 2

You and your 9 month old baby are visiting a friend.  Your baby starts to grizzle. You look at your baby and she signs to you "cat"  you ask  "Where is the cat"? (your friend doesn't have a cat)   Baby Points to a lifesize ceramic cat up on a shelf.  You take baby to the cat and she strokes it and giggles.  Which scenario would you prefer?















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